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Need a locum? Look no further.

We have partnered with the BeeFound team to provide Pegasus practices with an effective and easy to use tool for finding locum cover. Visit www.beefound.co.nz to learn more and to register your practice.

Day cover at the 24 Hour Surgery

If your practice has to close unexpectedly, the trusted team at the 24 Hour Surgery can provide care for your patients in normal business hours.

If you are unable to get GP cover or find a locum, patients can be seen at the 24 Hour Surgery. Patients contact your practice as usual and your nurse will triage the patient to determine if they must be seen by a doctor and how quickly.  If the patient needs to be seen, they will be directed to the 24 Hour Surgery.

Patients pay their usual general practice fee, not the higher 24 Hour Surgery fee. You pay the difference in fees and a service cost.

Patient notes are sent to the practice and the ongoing care reverts to their usual GP team.

If you need to be closed more than one day, you can choose to have your MedTech available in one room at the 24 Hour Surgery and notes can be recorded directly into your system.

This isn’t a replacement for being seen in General Practice for routine and scheduled care.  We prefer that the patients can access care at their usual practice and this service is only available if that is not possible.

To express your interest or if you have any questions please contact 03 363 8841 Ext: 4881 / 021 480 588 or email cover@supportplus.co.nz




Benefits at a glance:

  • 24 Hour Surgery is not an enrolling practice so your patients remain with you
  • Your patients will be able to access care when there is no GP available at your practice
  • All consultation information is provided directly back to the practice