Practice Team Recruitment

Finding the right person with the right skills who is also a great fit for your business can be challenging.  Investing your time and money trying to attract new staff with a risk of hiring the wrong person can be a huge drain on your resources. 

With a pragmatic understanding of the healthcare system and its people, our team of HR professionals are perfectly positioned to identify the ideal candidates. We can assist you with any or all aspects of the recruitment process, from evaluating and defining the role through to police vetting and appointing candidates. 

We will also tailor our service around how much involvement you would like to have in the recruitment process, ensuring you the most competitive solution possible.

For an obligation free consultation or to find out how our HR services can support you, contact the HR team on 03 379 1739 or

Our recruitment services include:

Defining the role: Writing a brief that describes the typical duties a candidate will be asked to perform.

Understanding team fit: Creating a profile of your team culture to match your business.

Development of interview guides/questions:  Ensuring the right questions are asked in the interview.

Selection skills training: Helping you to identify the good candidates and the great ones.

Attraction strategy including database search: Identifying how to attract the right candidates to your business.

Candidate management and care: Caring for candidates to make sure they stay keen on your role.

Shortlisting against screening criteria: Matching candidates against your team’s culture and their ability to do the job.

Phone screening: Telephoning candidates and conducting a brief interview to provide you with a shortlist of the best candidates for interview.

Interviewing shortlisted candidates: Conducting and/or assisting with the interview process.

Psychometric testing: Objectively testing candidates’ attitudes, personality traits and aptitude to determine their fit for your business. Psychometric testing can also uncover other aspects such as a candidate’s values, motivations and leadership potential. 

Reference checking: Calling past employers to check a candidate’s previous experience, approach, success and behaviour.

Recommendation of preferred candidate: Advising on who we think is the ideal candidate and presenting you with the rationale for our decision.

Police and credit checking: Running checks with the police and credit agencies on your behalf.

Contract negotiation: Negotiating contract terms with the preferred candidate on your behalf.

Contract preparation: Creating a contract which you and the preferred candidate can agree upon.

Declining unsuccessful candidates: Calling unsuccessful candidates on your behalf.

Provision of feedback: Advising candidates where they excelled and where they can potentially improve.

Immigration services support: Helping candidates from overseas with advice on migration to NZ.

Remuneration: Using our knowledge of the workplace to advise on suitable salary scales.