Since our beginnings in 1992, we have been committed to improving the health outcomes of our community.  

We work with a close network of organisations including the Canterbury District Health Board, to enable the delivery of health care into the community and to help develop ways to improve the healthcare system.

In our role as a Primary Health Organisation (PHO) we promote health benefits, reduce the cost of care, and help set the direction for the development of primary health care for our enrolled population.  To support this, we have built an IT team dedicated to the health sector with extensive infrastructure to support programmes such as eRMS and HealthOne.  

In 2014 we approached our network to ask them what we could do to make managing or owning a primary and community care business easier.

Overwhelmingly, people asked for additional support through services that will assist them in managing their business, such as Human Resources. Our Community Pharmacy colleagues also approached us, asking for support from our IT services. And thus, the concept of Support Plus was borne.

Whether it’s helping to grow and develop your team, or managing your IT systems, Support Plus provides simple, effective and reliable solutions for your business. With the ability to pick and choose services specific to your needs, our tailored approach means you only purchase and pay for what you need. 

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Working in consultation with members of our network, we have developed a range of services called Support Plus, a suite of services designed to simplify the running of a primary and community care business.