Available Candidates

This page will list candidates who are available for the GP Recruitment or Support Plus Service.


GP Available late February

Provisional general registration

NZ experience
Seeking 6-8 sessions per week
Christchurch location
Permanent contract

Ref: 18392726

GPEP2 Doctor (Female)

Available from early December

Seeking 1 year contract in Cornerstone Accredited Practice
5-6 sessions per week

Ref: 17740573

GPEP Doctor

Looking for 3 sessions per week, ongoing

Ideally for a practice located in south west Christchurch or Selwyn area.

Ref: 13814887


Medical Receptionists

Medical Receptionist

  • Experienced with MedTech32
  • 10 years + experience working in Medical Receptionist roles
  • 20 years + customer service experience
  • .8 – 1 FTE

Ref: 9753915


Medical Receptionist/Administrator

  • Seeking 30 hours per week
  • Extensive administration and customer service experience
  • Proficient with a number of financial management systems
  • Experience with account management

Ref: 10269431



Experienced Nurse available

  • .6 – 1 FTE
  • Experience in hearing and vision tests, blood taking, vaccinations and full patient assessment
  • Broad range of transferable skills
  • Interested to work in General Practice and offer primary health care as well as education to patients and their families
  • Flexible hours/days

Ref: 11566279


Practice Nurse Seeking Permanent Role

  • Recent graduate currently working in a Practice Nurse role
  • Looking to secure a role for between 24 - 32
  • Experience in ECGs, Minor Surgery, ACC referrals
  • Medtech32/Evolution Experience

Ref: 15255777


If you would like further information on this doctor please do not hesitate to contact: Fiona Fidow, ph: 03 353 9320, email: fiona.fidow@pegasus.org.nz




“We were provided with a highly experienced GP while one of our doctors was on extended sick leave. The GP was already familiar with Medtech and all formalities were organised beforehand.”

Mark Rogers - General Practitioner

“The GP Plus service usually suits the GP involved by giving them a good mix of acute management alongside routine general practice. However the benefit to the practice is that the regular sessional work allows the GP to become part of the team and advance their skills with a view to becoming either permanent staff in the future or return with a valuable general practice experience to their country of origin upon completing their term. We can thoroughly recommend the GP Plus service to other practices should they be so fortunate to become involved.”

Philip Schroeder - General Practitioner Rolleston Central Health


“Fiona did a fantastic job, she gave the important personal touch and support at a time when someone looking for a new career path needs it. Fast, efficient and listens well. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a change or a new challenge.”

Dr Verpoorten - General Practitioner